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Ever found some tiny little white, soft-bodied insects in your cabinets, window panes, and even books? Well, they sure are very annoying. Other than being a total nuisance, termites are little insects that can be highly destructive. The problem is, most homeowners are either unaware of its existence or just couldn’t care less until it’s too late. Reality check, millions of homes are attacked by termites EVERY YEAR. Imagine just how these tiny creatures do so much if you don’t start with protecting your own home. With our many years of service, our San Antonio, TX inspectors understand this all too well.

Termites are pale, soft-bodied insects that live in large colonies, feeding on decaying plant materials including wood. There are two types of termites, dry wood or subterranean and damp wood termites. Regardless of its kind, termites are pests that cause considerable damages. In fact, these insects can go undetected for years behind walls, insulations, floors, and other places to expand their colonies. Sometimes, a termite infestation can progress rapidly and still go undetected because the outer surface is still intact while the inside is already hollowed, also called tubing. However, any traces of sunken wall or rippled wood is a sign of termite tunneling or damage.

Here at Rod Inspects, LLC we offer Termite Inspection alongside other home inspection services. Given the destructive nature of termites, a quality home inspection can certainly save you thousands down the road. More homeowners are choosing the wise decision of having a regular termite inspection, knowing that termites can consume the wood structures inside your home in just a few months. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a termite inspection as a precautionary measure.

How Does A Termite Inspection Help Protect My Home?

Just because your house is not made of wood doesn’t mean termites can’t find something to feed on. AS long as there are wood structures around, they’re good to go. Termites leave the exterior part intact while the insides are already tunneled and hollowed. Sometimes, it’s hard to take control especially when you’re left with traces and you thought the termites are already gone. Truth is, they’re not really gone, they just moved on somewhere else. The best way to control and deter a colony of termites is through a regular termite inspection conducted by licensed professionals. A trained eye can easily identify an infestation so it’s best to keep your home safe through regular inspection. Millions of houses are ruined every year and sure enough, this is some statistic you wouldn’t want to be part of.

What Happens During A Termite Inspection?

During a termite inspection, our licensed San Antonio tx home inspector will inspect the exterior parts of the structure to identify any signs of termite activity.  Weakened or rippled wooden structures also imply termite tunneling. If you think the termites are digging through other parts of the home, don’t worry because it will surely be identified. Once termite activity is evident, the level of risk, how to treat, and how to prevent will then be taken into consideration. However, if the real condition is somehow undetermined, further inspection may be required.

Most homeowners are not aware of an infestation just because they are not visible on the surface. Come to think of it, the termites work from inside to outside so if you see visible damage on the outside, you have a deeper problem. Protect your home. Schedule your termite inspection today!

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