Home Inspection Nightmares

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Oh, it’s the time of year again. Parents and children alike come rushing down retail stores to find the perfect Halloween costume! Trick-or-treat season is here and what better way to get the fun out of this holiday than spook around. But, while you’re busy scaring kids and giving them candies, a nightmare of creeps might just be inside your home! Yikes!

Everybody loves a good scare once in a while. Nobody wants to live in a spooky old trap unless you’re a daredevil of the scariest places on earth. But sometimes, there are good reasons to be concerned and even scared about the things your untrained eyes can’t see. You know, the kind that will still be there even when Halloween is over.

Dare to read these spine-chilling home inspection stories that left homeowners realizing “Halloween is all year round”.

Spider-man? Is that you?

Kids loved the Spider-Man movie where different versions from a parallel universe all came together. Sure, it’s just a kid’s movie. But what if, hundreds of real spiders (black widow spiders) are found in the basement of the home you’ve been wanting to own?  Take it from this client whose home inspector just found a black widow spider infestation. The client did continue with the purchase though but had to wait for the exterminator to vacuum all the spiders. Had he not chosen a home inspection, he’d probably be joining all other versions of Spider-Man by now. Phew!


Rats with and without fur

Say what? If you are a home seller who’s trying to hide dark secrets in your closet or even A/C, you might want to think again. One home seller blocked access to the attic to prevent a review of the air conditioning unit. The buyers moved forward with the purchase and opted for a ductwork replacement. The HVAC repairman was shocked when upon pulling the air handler, they found over 40 dead rats with and without fur. Squeak!

First rats, now BATS?

You’d never really know what you’re up to without a home inspection. If you are a lover of the olden times, you might want to be extra careful. When a buyer’s personal visual inspection of a 1910 Victorian home called for minor cosmetic issues, imagine how spooked he was when his home inspector found a massive bat infestation in the attic. Aside from the damage, the droppings paved the way for mold growth as well. Gladly, he left the house to the bats and went looking for another home.


Who does that?

If you think uninvited critters are good enough to feed your worst nightmare, there are actual people out there who can give you as many chills.

A would-be buyer called for a home inspection on a 1925 home. Upon inspection, the home inspector discovered that thieves broke into the house and stole all the copper pipe. Fortunately, the seller agreed to replace the plumbing.

When you find a generous seller who gives a freezer as a freebie, sure you’d be excited with the bonus! But what if that bonus is just a little too extra? Take it from this new homeowner who, upon moving in, found an unrefrigerated chicken which turned into meat slush.


You see, your worst nightmares might come to life.  Keep yourself away from these unpleasant treats by calling us today for your home inspection.

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