Benefits of Home Inspection to Buyers

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Home buying is a tedious process. And by the process, it means that certain steps must be carefully followed. It includes engaging the services of an experienced realtor, listing down what you really want from a home and the neighborhood, looking at your finances and financial goals to see what price range best suits your budget, and of course, touring on open houses and checking out the listings.

As soon as you’ve narrowed down your choices, set eyes upon your dream home, and want to make an offer, the next step you need to do is to engage the services of a home inspector. While not mandated, a home inspection is highly necessary to ensure that you don’t buy the money pit. Sure you’ve already spent a good deal of time looking carefully at the property. You and your realtor must have chosen to finally make an offer because everything is in good shape. However, there’s more to life than the visual examination you and your agent did, more than your untrained eyes can see.

Buying a home is perhaps the largest and most expensive purchase made by most people. That is why it’s very important that you get what you paid for. After all, this soon-to-be-home of yours is going to be your safe haven, a place to create fond memories with your family and friends and a place of comfort, safety, and convenience. That is why hiring a professional home inspector to thoroughly examine the property is the best option. If you’re still not convinced why you need it, below are the most important points to consider.

       1. Home inspectors provide a professional report about the conditions of the property.

The home inspection report is a very important document before you make your final decision of closing the deal. Every home inspector has a checklist of items and a standardized format to provide you with the results. The home inspector typically spends about 2 to 5 hours in examining all major components of the home including roof, attic, interiors, exteriors, walls, HVAC system, plumbing system, basement, and foundation. Most of the time, this report is sent within 24 hours following the home inspection. It is a full color, detailed, narrative report that highlights both positive and negative results of the inspection. 

       2. The results are unbiased and a home inspection is not a PASS/FAIL Examination.

The goal of the home inspection is to provide you with proper information about the current conditions of the home. Your home inspector will help you gain a better understanding of what you are about to purchase. Since no home is perfect, even brand new ones, there will always be something to discover. You and your realtor can discuss the findings to the seller should there be any adjustments in the offer or repairs to be done. The home inspector will likely provide you an idea of the life expectancy of the items being inspected. This is very helpful in setting up your budget for future repairs or replacement.

If you want to extend the home inspection to mold testing, radon testing or other services, your home inspector can provide or refer you to a professional for additional costs.

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