New Home Inspections

The Importance of a New Home Inspection

When purchasing a new home, part of the process prior to your pre-closing final walk-through should include an inspection performed by an Independent Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector.

Recent findings of electrical code discrepancies, improper siding installation, and natural gas leaks have made new home inspections equally as critical as resale home inspections.

As a new homeowner, you may allow your excitement to prevail over your sense of scrutiny. Furthermore, the newly constructed home may not show any symptoms of poor workmanship.

New Construction Home Sample Report

Root Problems
As a trained professional, Rod Inspect is experienced in identifying and examining many of the typical causes of issues that you may not realize for months or even years later – after your builder warranty expires.

Time Well Spent
A third-party Licensed Real Estate Inspector will dedicate 2 to 3 hours inspecting the property (depending on the size) and will issue you a detailed report (including digital pictures) of his or her findings in order to help you better understand the new property you plan to call “home”.

Generally, local Building Officials conduct periodic inspections of new homes during construction. However, due to their excessive workloads and under-staffing, these local government inspectors are limited to the amount of time they can spend at each property. Thus, they typically don’t provide as thorough an inspection as a third-party independent inspector, who works exclusively for YOU. In addition to dedicated time, licensed Texas Real Estate Inspectors are required to receive 16 hours of mandatory continuing education each year prior to license renewal. Unfortunately, many government Building Officials do not stay abreast of the latest industry changes through continuing education.

Before Closing
It is important for homeowners to be aware of any building discrepancies prior to closing on the property and taking occupancy of the new home. It has been my experience that corrective actions regarding necessary repairs are more likely to be done more expeditiously prior to closing than after you take possession of the property. This is particularly important when some repairs can be lengthy and messy. Caution should be exercised if the builder claims to have its own inspector “inspect” the property. These inspectors are employed by the builder and do not perform the same type of extensive inspection as an unbiased third party independent inspector who WORKS FOR YOU!.

During the past few years of performing new home inspections, we have found that a good homebuilder is one that has a highly motivated construction superintendent and quality sub-contractors, people that take pride in their work.

Items routinely discovered during new home inspections include:

  • roof damage (construction related) and flashing deficiencies
  • gas appliance connection leaks
  • plumbing leaks
  • lack for proper attic or wall insulation
  • improper installation of attic ladders
  • Improper water heater installation
  • “Hot” and “Cold” bath faucet controls installed improperly
  • improper GFCI and ARC Fault Circuit Interrupter installation
  • improper HVAC duct installation/sealing
  • doors hardware that does not function properly
  • doors that do not seal properly
  • interior and exterior caulking/sealing that has not be applied
  • improper installation of Hardi-Plank or LP Smart Siding
  • improper attic framing
  • ventilation related deficiencies

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