Home Inspection Before Listing for Sale

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

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Why you should have a Home Inspection prior to listing your home For Sale?
An Inspection Report can be an infuriating report card on the conditions that the seller inherited from the previous owner. It is sometimes considered to be a negative laundry list of everything the inspector “sees.” It is not necessarily a complete list, because one inspector might not find the same things another one would.

Smart Sellers
Before they list their home for sale, the smart sellers take care of the customary inspections such as home, termite, energy efficiency and code violations. It will help to avoid surprises.

A home inspection can offer assistance to a seller who is trying to provide ACCURATE DISCLOSURE and can assist a buyer in UNDERSTANDING THE CONDITION of the home.

A pre-listing inspection provides the seller with the appropriate condition information used to price and prepare their home for sale.

Seller & Buyer Benefit
The condition of the Roof, Plumbing/Water Heater, Electrical and HVAC system is critical information that will benefit the seller.

Above Board Repair Costs
When repairs are needed, the seller can “price shop” bids and choose the contractor without feedback from a potential buyer. Remember to choose a “quality” repair company.

Selling As-Is
The seller can disclose adverse conditions they decide not to repair. A thorough inspection and report should reveal these conditions.

Educating the Buyer
The report helps in marketing to potential buyers, providing up-front information to determine if maintaining this home will meet their financial position.

The cost of a pre-listing inspection may deter some sellers from making the investment. Having the knowledge of the problem areas of your home before listing it will more than pay for the price of the inspection.

Advance Knowledge, Smoother Sale
A pre-listing inspection can provide the seller with “piece of mind” if a contract is signed and the buyer requests their own inspection. Some sellers are a nervous wreck during the home inspection process and are extremely worried that they will fail the inspection and lose the deal.

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