Speeding Up your Home Inspection

How To Speed Up The Home Inspection Process

These few simple items will help the Home Inspector, Seller, Buyer, and Realtors.

1. Confirm that the gas, water and electricity are turned on and that the gas pilot lights are burning.

2. Ensure all pets won’t hinder the inspection and inform everyone about pets to be kept inside.

3. Replace all burned out light bulbs.

4. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if necessary.

5. Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters and verify that the filters fit properly and are secured in place.

6. Move wood, stored items or debris away from the exterior foundation walls.

7. Unlock or remove locks from any items the inspector must access such as fence gates, windows, attic access hatches or doors, electric service panels, special closets, crawl space access for pier-and-beam homes.

8. Confirm areas and components are accessible by removing items blocking access to garage electric service panels, sinks and bathtubs, ovens and cook tops, dishwasher, heating and air-conditioning equipment, water heaters, ground fault (GFCI) receptacles, attic access ladders or hatches, crawl space access for pier and-beam-construction.

9. Trim tree limbs back from the roof and shrubs away from the house.

10. Repair or replace broken, damaged or missing items such as door knobs, locks and laches, window locks and broken glass, window screens, anti-siphon devices on exterior faucets, rain gutters and downspouts (clean if necessary), chimney flue caps.

11. Remove autos from the garage and driveway.

12. Clean ashes from the fireplace and remove items from the fireplace hearth area.

Following this checklist will result in a “cleaner” inspection report.

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