Contract & Payment

Service Contract

Required for all inspections. If you have a pool or spa, you will also need the Pool & Spa Contract

Online Submission
Service Contract
Contract Addendum for Pools and Spas


Thank you for choosing Rod Inspects, Professional Real Estate Inspectors for your inspection needs. We will provide you with an extremely thorough inspection and inspection report.

If You Plan To Attend The Inspection (recommended)
Upon arrival at the Inspection, you will be asked to read the Service Contract carefully, Complete the Required Information, Initial and Sign where indicated.

If You Do Not Plan To Attend The Inspection
Please read the Service Contract carefully, Complete the Required Information, Initial and Sign where indicated and then submit it online.

If we will be inspecting a Pool or Spa during the Inspection process, it will be necessary to complete both the Service Contract and the Service Contract for Pools and Spas.

Inspection Fee/Payment

Payment is due at the time of the Inspection (checks/cash/money orders). We do not accept Credit Cards. The cost of the inspection is based on square footage, age, type of structure, additional items inspected (pool/sprinkler/outbuilding), etc. Contact us @ 210-494-5560 today for your specific price quote.

You may have received a price quote when you scheduled the inspection. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the exact amount due for the inspection until we are actually at the property to be inspected. Therefore, there may be a difference between the price quote that you received and the “Total Charges” indicated on the invoice sent with the report.

If you are not present at the inspection, we request that you immediately send payment when you receive the Inspection Invoice which will be attached to the Inspection Report. If payment is not received within 5 days of the inspection date, the total amount due will be sent to the Title Company to be paid at closing.

An additional 20% will be added to the “Total Charges” if “Billed to Close”.

Please review the Reviews section of our website to see what past clients have said about our inspection service.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the inspection!

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